"DRAG ILLUSTRATED is the voice of drag racing world-wide."

– “Stevie Fast” Jackson, Pro Mod & Drag Radial Racer

"With their collective finger to the pulse of drag racing, DRAG ILLUSTRATED has established itself as the sport's true authoritative source."

– Jim Hughes, Tuscon Dragway

"Month after month, year after year, DRAG ILLUSTRATED drives sales for my business."

– Clayton Murphy, Chassis Engineering

"The pages of DRAG ILLUSTRATED, especially its cover, represent one of our sport's highest honors."

– Keith Haney, Pro Mod & Drag Radial Racer

"In print, online and across social media, DRAG ILLUSTRATED moves the needle."

– Steve Matusek, Aeromotive Fuel Systems



70% of DRAG ILLUSTRATED readers own one or more race cars!


69% of DRAG ILLUSTRATED readers identify as professional or amateur level drag racers and hold a competition license!


42% of DRAG ILLUSTRATED readers household income is OVER $100,000!

DRAG ILLUSTRATED readers represent an incredibly diverse cross-section of the sport.

  • Weekend Bracket Racer 35% 35%
  • Outlaw, Radial/Small Tire, Grudge Racer 22% 22%
  • Pro Modified, Quick 8, Big Tire Racer 18% 18%
  • Other (NMCA/NMRA, Nostalgia, Junior) 10% 10%
  • Professional Racer 9% 9%
  • Street/Strip Racer 6% 6%


68% of DRAG ILLUSTRATED readers will spend over $10,000 in the next six months on racing related purchases!


DRAG ILLUSTRATED is dedicated to telling the incredibly relatable, inspiring and entertaining stories of the people who comprise the sport of drag racing, while examining the topics and subjects that are near and dear the heart of racers. Join us as we continue to celebrate all things drag racing, and do our part to grow and build this sport that means so much to so many.


With unparalleled access to drivers, tuners, manufacturers and industry members, DRAG ILLUSTRATED’s respected and experienced team of journalists and photographers produce high-impact, opinion-forming stories that evoke passion and get racers talking. Insightful, honest and authoritative, DRAG ILLUSTRATED creates award-winning content to fuel the drag racing conversation across all mediums – print, digital and social. 

Wes Buck, DRAG ILLUSTRATED Founder & Editorial Director (Photographed)


For over 10 years, DRAG ILLUSTRATED print has served as the final word in the sport of drag racing; an appearance on its cover and pages amongst the most prestigous honors. Perfect-bound with full-color, gloss pages, the magazine achieves the highest level of engagement with an extremely targeted drag racing demographic.

  • Published 12 times a year, available in print and digital formats. 
  • Renowned “special editions” including Hottest Women in Drag Racing issue, 30 Under 30, Photo Annual, Sportsman Special, The Interview Issue  and more. 
  • Enjoyed by a print readership of 50,000-plus.
  • Over 78-percent of new subscriptions sold in the pits at drag strips around the country.


A daily source of news, information and entertainment, DRAGILLUSTRATED.com fuels the drag racing conversation on the world wide web, serving as a destination for racers and high performance enthusiasts of all levels – hardcore hobbyists to touring professionals. DRAGILLUSTRATED.com offers breaking news, exclusive interviews, opinionated editorials, race and event coverage, product news and expansive photo galleries. With a solid foundation in print, DRAG ILLUSTRATED’s proverbial flag flies high in the digital space. 

  • Exclusive driver and crew chief blogs that expand reach to fans and enthusisats.
  • Over 1,000,000 annual unique visitors
  • Nearly 2,500,000 annual page views


    With us, drag racers have a community – a place they can go to share ideas, discuss trending topics, learn how to tackle on-track and technical challenges, discover opportunities and advance their racing ventures.

    Over 365,000 Followers


    DI 140 – Jan 2019

    The Champions Issue

    Materials Due: 12/4/2018

    Street: 1/1/2019

    DI 141 – Feb 2019


    Materials Due: 1/11/2019

    Street: 2/1/2019

    DI 142 – Mar 2019

    The Outlaw Issue

    Materials Due: 2/8/2019

    Street: 3/1/2019

    DI 143 – Apr 2019

    Hottest Women in Drag Racing

    Materials Due: 3/8/2019

    Street: 4/1/2019

    DI 144 -May 2019


    Materials Due: 4/12/2019

    Street: 5/1/2019

    DI 145 – June 2019

    The Sportsman Special Issue

    Materials Due: 5/10/2019

    Street: 6/1/2019

    DI 146 – July 2019

    The Interview Issue

    Materials Due: 6/7/2019

    Street: 7/1/2019

    DI 147 – Aug 2019

    State of Drag Special Issue

    Materials Due: 7/12/2019

    Street: 8/1/2019

    DI 148 – Sept 2019

    The Crew Chief Issue

    Materials Due: 8/9/2019

    Street: 9/1/2019

    DI 149 – Oct 2019

    WSOPM / Fall Buyer’s Guide

    Materials Due: 9/13/2019

    Street: 10/1/2019

    DI 150 – Nov 2019

    The Photo Annual

    Materials Due: 10/11/2019

    Street: 11/1/2019

    DI 151 – Dec 2019

    30 Under 30

    Materials Due: 11/15/2019

    Street: 12/1/2019

    DI 152 – Jan 2020

    The Champions Issue

    Materials Due: 12/9/2019

    Street: 1/1/2020



    With a team of sport’s best photographers, every issue of DRAG ILLUSTRATED features stunning photography from drag racing events big and small, across all sanctions and series – many of which aren’t covered anywhere else.



    Talented, courageous and charismatic, DRAG ILLUSTRATED gives racers, crew chiefs and various other industry movers-and-shakers the rock star treatment they deserve.



    In this day-and-age of instant information and live coverage, DRAG ILLUSTRATED digs deep to provide behind-the-scenes stories and insight not available anywhere else. 

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    The Biggest, Richest Pro Mod Drag Race in the History of the Known Universe! Held anually at Bandimere Speedway outside Denver, Colorado, DRAG ILLUSTRATED’s $100,000-to-win, invite-only fast doorslammer shootout is known around the world as one of the sport of drag racing’s greatest shows. Scheduled for August 10-11, 2018, there is plenty of time to get involved with the WSOPM – contact us today to learn how your brand can leverage DI events to build customer connections.



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